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The Red Vintage was born from a passion for distinctive, high quality and decadent foods. With so much guilt and fear around us when it comes to what we consume, we have forgotten how to truly savour and enjoy what we eat.  I have in fact found that you are far less prone to over indulge when you allow yourself those things that are filled with flavour and goodness. And so, I began a journey to rediscover pleasures of enjoying delicious and responsible eating.

As I discovered and researched some of the items I came to love, I was moved by an overwhelming desire to share this with others  who also harbour a preference for unique, and superior products, which enhances our lifestyle and special occasions.

We have taken a decision to slowly increase the products that we introduce to you as we like to take our time in extensively researching and testing the items on offer. Only once we are impressed with the quality, manufacturing process, sublime taste and health or other benefits of the product, do we introduce it to you, the connoisseur of the decadent things in life.

The Red Vintage is excited to traverse this journey with you. Exploring the treasures within South Africa and other places in the world, sourcing and introducing only the best, to you.

We value integrity in every aspect of our endeavours and commit to continuously adding value to you. We hold ourselves and those that we collaborate with accountable so as to ensure that our service and unique offering adds value to your lifestyle, brings a pleasurable experience to your table and compliments your style and elegance.

The Red Vintage - Inah Grape Juice

Inah grape juice is as prestigious in taste, as it is in appearance and undoubtedly the perfect addition to your table or beverage list.

The grape juices contains the unique and subtle flavours of cultivar grapes, but contains absolutely no alcohol.

Through a unique and natural extraction process, the juice has all the nutrition, complexity of flavours and health benefits found in Red Wine with none of the side effects of alcohol.

Situated in the heart of South Africa’s premier cultivar region, Stellenbosch, the grapes are carefully handpicked from the best farms in South Africa.

What differentiates the Inah grape juice?

  • It has a rich and prestigious taste.
  • Made from 100% pure cultivar grapes.
  • No sugar is added. The sweetness is naturally obtained from the glucose and fructose contained naturally in the grape.
  • The same health benefits found in red wines but without the alcohol.
  • Contains antioxidants in the form of bio-flavonoids (specifically Resveratrol).
  • It has three distinct flavours: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.
The Red Vintage Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz Inah Superior Grape Juie Bottles, against a brick wall and behind a succulent display of Fresh Berries

The Red Vintage - Belcolade Belgian Chocolate

The delicious taste of Belcolade begins with the careful selection of ingredients. Only the finest quality cocoa beans from around the world are selected and expertly blended.

The Belcolade team of experts analyses the ingredients at the Erembodegem factory to ensure that only the best quality cocoa mass, cocoa butter and other ingredients are used.

Naturally only 100% cocoa butter and 100% natural vanilla is used.

Belcolade applies strict criteria when it comes to the origin of cocoa beans, sourcing only the best quality for Belcolade chocolate.

The Red Vintage Belcolade Belgian Chocolate melted in an espresso cup displayed on a saucer and a mirror with White Flowers

Belcolade Belgian Chocolate supplied by The Red Vintage

Belgian chocolate is known for its fineness and incredible mouth feel. Two crucial steps are involved here:

Step One:

All the chocolate particles are ground until they are of the same size (150 microns).

Step Two:

The chocolate is made even finer, around 20 microns, which is beyond the sensitivity level of the human tongue, ensuring a smooth, creamy texture.

After grinding, the chocolate is conched in order to ensure a perfectly even texture. Any remaining moisture and volatile aromas are evaporated during this stage, while the desired flavour components are created through the close contact of sugar, milk powder and cocoa mass. This is a crucial step in creating the typical taste of Belcolade chocolate.

Each country sourced from has its own specialities, cocoa varieties and flavours. Cacao-Trace certified chocolate sources cocoa beans directly from Vietnam, Ivory Coast and the Philippines.

Mention the name “Belgium” and many people, from different walks of life and different regions of the world, will think “chocolate”. Belcolade takes great pride in being a part of the rich heritage that has earned Belgian chocolate this extraordinary reputation. Working hard to protect and enhance that reputation through an unmatched dedication to quality, innovation, customer service and, above all, leadership in taste.

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We have passion for distinctive, high quality and decadent foods. We want to share our products with people that also harbour a preference for unique, and superior products to enhance lifestyles and special occasions.

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The Red Vintage

The Red Vintage was born from a passion for distinctive, high quality and decadent foods.

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